**Cyclone Cook – Severe Weather Warning**

At 9:12am on 13 April 2017 The New Zealand Metrological Service issued a Severe Weather Warning; http://www.metservice.com/warnings/severe-weather-warnings

The most relevant part to the Oceania Championship is the Heavy Rain Warning issued for Auckland as follows;


Auckland, including Great Barrier Island


Further heavy rain is expected today, especially in the east of the region. In the 12 hours from 9am to 9pm today, 60 to 80mm of rain may accumulate, but Great Barrier Island could get 70 to 100mm, in addition to what has already fallen. The heaviest falls are expected from around 3pm when rainfall rates could reach 30 to 40mm per hour with thunderstorms possible.”

Our advice to competitors is as follows;

  • As always it is each competitor’s responsibility to source and heed weather warnings as they see fit.
  • At this stage (9:00am Thursday 13th April 2017) the organisers do not intend to cancel, delay or defer any of the Oceania Orienteering Championship events.
  • We anticipate that the sprint will be run in wet and possibly windy weather. Please dress appropriately and bring a set of warm clothes and rain proof gear for before & after your run.
  • The weather is expected to be clearing over the three days from the long onwards.
  • If the wind and rain has created specific hazards at any of the venues these will be listed on the hazard notice boards at each event. Please make it your responsibility to read these.
  • Parking at the Long, Relay & Middle events is all on grass in paddocks which may still be wet and will cut up. Coming in will be easy, getting out may be harder.
    • If you have access to a four wheel drive vehicle come in that in preference to two wheel drive.
    • Carpool with friends to reduce the number of vehicles we need to park.
    • Arrive early as we may not be able to access the parking paddocks and being the last car in a roadside parking line of 500 cars will give you a long walk. (500 times 6m = 3km)
    • Expect to be delayed leaving
    • Bring a mountain bike. This will allow you to park on the road side and travel in style to the arena.

Please refer to this website & the metservice regularly for updates.