Stage 5

  • Location:
    • Auckland Uni Epsom Campus
      (Epsom, Central Auckland)
  • Date:
    • Monday 7th February 2022
  • First Start:
    • 10.00am
  • Terrain Type:
    • Epsom Campus never disappoints with its complex building detail and multilevel challenges. We really do have a fitting finale location
  • Race Type:
    • Chasing start (based on overall standings)

  • Event Centre Location
    • 74 Epsom Ave, Mount Eden, Auckland
  • Event Centre Directions
    • Access to the Event Centre is from Epsom Avenue from the West only
    • No access along Epsom Avenue from the East
    • No walking through Event Campus to get to the Event Centre
  • Car Parking
    • Street Parking only
    • Marama Ave, Cecil Ave and local streets
    • Parking at Melville Park and Disraeli street will require walking through Nicholson Park and Mt Eden Bowling Club to the west of the Event Campus
  • Start
    • Walk to the Start is 150m
    • 2 minute walk
CourseMen’s classesWomen’s ClassesWinning timeLengthControlsScale
1Open Men15-17 mins3.5km291:4,000
2Masters MenOpen Women 15-17 mins3.1km27 1:4,000
3Junior MenJunior Women 15-17 mins2.7km25 1:4,000
4Super Masters MenMasters Women 15-17 mins2.3km24 1:4,000
5Super Masters Women 15-17 mins1.9km21 1:4,000
6Super Juniors MenSuper Juniors Women 15-17 mins2.1km30 1:4,000

Stage 5 is a mixture of complex Campus and a Multi-level section in the Car Park adjoining the Event Centre

Due to the proximity of a number of controls in the Car Park we have made a decision to switch SI Air off for the Controls in the Car Park. This is to ensure that Air is not triggered as you potentially run past a number of controls that aren’t yours. All controls in the Car Park will need to be punched

The course will start in the Campus and transition to a Car Park as part of the map flip. Both sections of the map will have artificial barriers as highlighted below – these are marked on the map

Campus Barriers

On the Campus there will be artificial barriers as per the following example image. These will be marked on the map as per the image

Car Park – Barriers

The Car Park is 4 levels with some of the levels having pillars which are marked on the map as square blocks. There will be artificial barriers marked as per the image below which are un-crossable

Car Park Mapping

There are a number of different options to navigate between floors in the Car Park, a number of Stairwells, Internal and External Ramps

  • Each connecting area on the Map is represented by a connecting letter. An exit on one level will connect to the same letter on another level
  • If you exit Ramp G on one level that only connects to Ramp G on another level
  • The outer walls of the Car Park are out of bounds
  • Due to the Summer Light it may appear darker than normal, especially as you enter from the outside
  • Stairwells are not wide so be careful of other competitors
  • A runner can level Leave 3 at B, enter level 2 at C and level 1 at D