Event Locations and Embargoes

Event centre locations

Super City Sprint locations


We’ve made the first and last events in Central Auckland locations to ease the travel time to and from the airport

The first starts are at 11:30 at Diocesan/Dilworth campus – 30 minutes drive from the Airport.

There will 3 hours between Stages1 and 2, and between Stages 3 and 4 to travel between the locations

The Sunday evening event (Stage 4) at Redwood Golf Course has a cash bar and food available for a Social evening after the event

The final Stage 5 at Epsom Campus will finish by 2:00pm allowing for travel back to the airport. Travel time from final event to airport will be within 30 minutes


The following areas are embargoed for orienteering until after Waitangi Weekend 2022

Anyone found breaking this embargo or intentionally trying to gain an unfair advantage will be disqualified from competing or coaching at the relevant event.


Stage 1 Embargo
Stage 2 Embargo
Stage 3 Embargo
Stage 4 Embargo
Stage 5 Embargo

Road trip resources

The NZhttps://www.journeys.nzta.govt.nz/TA journey planner is a useful resource when planning your trip, as is the real-time traffic information on Google Maps. And if you can car-pool with other orienteers and reduce the number of cars on the road, so much the better!