Entries for SIOC2023 opened the first of December 2022, via EnterO. Your entry is finalised only after payment has been received.

Payment is possible via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, Apple Pay or Google Pay) during the entry process. Alternatively, you can deposit your entry fee from a New Zealand bank account into the Nelson Orienteering Club bank account 03-0703-0347318-00 with the following information from your confirmation email:

  • Reference = your entry key
  • Code = SIOC
  • Particulars: = your Surname

The entrant list in EnterO shows all competitors. If your name is not included in this list, you have not entered.

Event fees

Members of any orienteering club in the world can compete, and standard event fees apply. These fees have been extended until midnight Friday 06/01/2023. If you’d like to compete but you are not a member of an orienteering club, you are still very welcome, but an additional fee per race will be added.

Standard event fees

Standard fees have been extended until Friday 06/01/2023.

Middle, 28/1Sprint, 28/1Long, 29/1
Senior Age 21 and over35.0030.0035.00
JuniorAge 20 and under
or full time student
ChildAge 12 and under10.0010.0010.00
  • All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST
  • Non-orienteering club members: additional $10 Senior / $5 Junior / $5 Child per race
  • There is a standard family fee maximum of $300 for 2 Seniors and any number of Juniors / children normally resident at the same address
  • SportIdent Air+ card (SIAC) hire available for $6 per race. Lost or broken hired SIAC will incur a charge of $130 to cover the cost of a replacement.
  • Payment is by credit card (preferred option) or bank deposits (from a New Zealand-based bank account). Potential refunds are faster when payment is made by credit card
  • The entry fee does not include any form of insurance, including any medical or travel insurance

Late fees

For entries after Friday 06/01/2023, a 50% late entry surcharge is applied. Late entries will most likely be allocated a start time at the beginning of the start list, prior to all standard entries.
Final date for entry is Friday 13/01/2023. No entries will be accepted after this date.

Middle, 28/1Sprint, 28/1Long, 29/1
Senior Age 21 and over52.5045.0052.50
JuniorAge 20 and under
or full time student
ChildAge 12 and under15.0015.0015.00

The late-fee family maximum for 2 Seniors and any number of Juniors / children normally resident at the same address is $450.

Classes offered

There are three levels of competition offered at the Taitonga South Island Orienteering Champs 2023

  • Elite grade: M21E/W21E for seniors and M20E/W20E for juniors.
  • Competitive grades: Grades are in 2-year bands up to age 18 and in 10-year bands for over 40s.
  • Recreational grade: For those that want an easier navigational challenge or shorter course than the competitive grade or for those running as a team or juniors being shadowed. WM10N is a separate grade for juniors age 10 or under being shadowed by a parent or care-giver.

The class eligibility is determined by the competitor’s age on 31 December 2023.

Female gradeMale gradeAge (end of 2023)Navigation level
EliteW21EM21EAny ageRed
W20EM20EAge 20 or underRed
CompetitiveW10AM10AAge 10 or underWhite
W12AM12AAge 12 or underYellow
W14AM14AAge 14 or underOrange
W16AM16AAge 16 or underRed
W18AM18AAge 18 or underRed
W21AM21AAny age
Shorter course than W/M21E
W40AM40AAge 40 or overRed
W50AM50AAge 50 or overRed
W60AM60AAge 60 or overRed
W70AM70AAge 70 or overRed
W80AM80AAge 80 or overRed
W90AM90AAge 90 or overRed
RecreationalWM10NWM10NAge 10 or under, supervisedEasy navigation
Rec-WhiteRec-WhiteAny age / genderEasy navigation
Rec-YellowRec-YellowAny age / genderModerate navigation
Rec-OrangeRec-OrangeAny age / genderHard navigation
Rec-Short Red 1)Rec-Short Red 1)Any age / genderVery challenging navigation
Rec-Medium Red 1)Rec-Medium Red 1)Any age / genderVery challenging navigation

1) If you have not run a red course before, please do not attempt your first red course at this event as the maps and courses are highly technical.

Start times

  • Individual start times are allocated and published prior to the event.
  • To ensure fairness, your start time in an event will be determined by the grade you decide to enter.
  • Start lists will be available as soon as possible after entries close, but no later than Monday 23/01/2023. Start lists will be published on this website.
  • Specific start time requests are granted to parents of young children who may need split starts, and event officials including volunteers. This policy is in accordance with the ONZ Foot Orienteering rules (rule 12.3).
  • If you have a specific reason to request an amended start time outside the above mentioned two exceptions, please contact the organisers as soon as possible, but definitely before the closure of standard entries, Friday 06/01/2023. Although we will try to fit individual requests in, this is not guaranteed.

Entry queries

  • There is no opportunity for entries on the day.
  • There are a small number of Southern hemisphere thumb compasses available for hire, at $10 for the whole weekend (cash on the day), strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. Please notify the organisation via email at sioc2023@gmail.com to have one set aside for you.
  • If you have to withdraw from or make changes regarding your entry information (changes to SI numbers, email address, grades or start time requests), please notify the organisation as soon as possible using the SIOC2023 Changes Form.
  • Please email sioc2023@gmail.com with any additional entry queries or questions not covered using the SIOC2023 Changes Form.

Refund policy

Individual participants

  • If you have to withdraw from SIOC2023 for whatever reason, please notify the organisation as soon as possible using the SIOC2023 Changes Form. Notifications sent after the event will not be taken into consideration.
  • Refund of 100% of fees paid with withdrawals prior to standard entry fee closing date (Wednesday 04/01/2023).
  • Refund of 75% of fees paid for withdrawals after standard entry fee date and before late entry close dating (Friday 13/01/2023).
  • Withdrawals after 13/01/2023 will not be refunded.
  • All refunds will be processed within two weeks after SIOC2023 completion.
  • Nelson Orienteering Club cannot take liability for any financial loss associated with travel or accommodation cancellation.

Event cancellation

(Partial) cancellation of the event will occur in conditions that are too dangerous for safe competition. Situations that might lead to cancellation are fire risk, extreme weather, loss of access, serious earthquake, or death of a competitor or spectator. Should any of the events need to be cancelled, this information will be posted on the event website and the Nelson Orienteering Club Facebook page as soon as possible. An email will also be sent to all participants using the email address they provided as part of their entry as soon as practical after the decision is taken.

The organisers will endeavour to refund as much of the (partial) entry fee as possible, taking into account any sunk costs.


Nelson Orienteering Club’s volunteers aim to deliver SIOC2023 in a safe manner. Key guideline is the safety of our volunteers, competitors, and supporters. Please operate within your own comfort zone, do not take unnecessary risks, and take responsibility for your own and others’ safety.

Abel Tasman National Park