Embargoed areas

The following three areas are embargoed:

  • Middle: no access is allowed to the Western end of Moturoa / Rabbit Island until Saturday 28/01/2023 start of the event.
  • Sprint: access is allowed in the area and surrounding streets containing Nayland College, Broadgreen Intermediate and Nayland Primary School until Friday 27/01/2023. However, the use of maps, and route choice testing during the term of the embargo is not allowed. Access into the Sprint area is forbidden for all competitors and associates aside from the actual competition is not allowed Saturday 2/01/2023 until the start of the competition.
  • Long: no access is allowed to the West Bay and Teetotal areas of Nelson Lakes until Sunday 29/01/2023 start of the event.

Anyone found breaking the embargoes published below after publication or intentionally trying to gain an unfair advantage will be disqualified from competing or coaching at the Taitonga South Island Orienteering Champs 2023.

Detailed information on each embargoed area can be found on the ONZ website.

Previous maps

Please find below a colour copy of the most recent version of previous orienteering maps of the three areas used during Taitonga SIOC 2023, by clicking on each map fragment or the text below.

Selection of area of Rabbit IslandPart of area of SprintDetail of area of 'Long'
Middle: Moturoa West / Rabbit IslandSprint: Nayland school campusesLong: West Bay / Teetotal, Nelson Lakes