In April 2017 Auckland will host two of the largest orienteering events ever to be held in New Zealand. The Oceania Orienteering Championships and the Auckland World Masters Games will run over consecutive weekends in terrain throughout the region. 

Auckland, Counties Manukau and North West Orienteering Clubs are collaborating to organise both orienteering carnivals, and its going to be a great challenge to hold 11 races in 14 days (including 2 days in Rotorua organised by OBOP). With ONZ, the three clubs have formed a steering group which has been working together for five years to lay the foundations for this landmark occasion.

We are hosting Oceania ourselves. This will be like a normal NZ orienteering event, only bigger.

For Auckland World Masters Games, orienteering is just one of 28 sports. We’re contracted to deliver orienteering within the larger Games event. Auckland is expecting 25,000 athletes – that bigger than the Olympics – of which 1000 or more will be orienteers.

We will use the same teams to deliver both events. Volunteers will still be able to compete – we’ll work around your commitments.

The team structure below sets out the different workstreams and teams. Take a look and have a think about where you might best be able to contribute.


Click on image to see enlargement

Structure Chart


We are using this signup form to collect volunteers for Oceania and AWMG but as per below you must also register on the official AWMG site.


AWMG will have a compulsory volunteer registration process via the official AWMG website. It is a quick and easy process to sign up – about 10min!  All our club members will be “sport-specific volunteers”.  The Games team want to have all sport specific volunteers signed up as early as possible so go on and do this now. When registering with AWMG, you’re just putting your name down. You won’t be assigned to any particular role.  But, what do you get includes:

  • A code to use when applying that allows you to skip many questions and the interview process.
  • When you get to the section asking for a sporting partner endorsed code use ORIENSC
  • A free uniform to keep
  • Meals
  • A mighty good feeling for helping out your club and the sport of orienteering
  • The experience of being part of one of the biggest sporting events in the world

What you need to do:

  • Apply as a volunteer as soon as you can
  • Have your driver’s license or passport ready when you apply plus your t-shirt size
  • Be available to help at four or more volunteer shifts

For more information have a look here http://www.worldmastersgames2017.co.nz/get-involved/volunteers/ The FAQ’s link has a lot more detailed information if there is anything more you need to know. Once you’ve got all the info you need, grab your passport or driver’s license, click Apply and choose the SPORT link. When you get to the section asking for a sporting partner endorsed code use ORIENSC Thank you so much for taking the time to apply as a volunteer so Orienteering can be a successful sport at the Auckland World Masters Games!

So what are you waiting for….fill out your details HERE, tell us your plans and we’ll be back in touch.