• Updated 7 April 2017 – Amendment to Section 8.10 to clarify embargoed area for Oceania Sprint
  • Updated 11 April 2017 – Amendments to Registration, Sprint quarantine, Sprint map size, Sprint distance to start, Middle quarantine

Refer News/Updates page for details on amendments

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Start Lists

    • Middle Earth Sprint 2017 Start List by Class (PDF 94KB) [updated 18th April 2017]
    • Message to all High School/Secondary School Students entered at Rotorua Sprint 20 Apr 2017.

      All Australian and New Zealand Secondary School / High School students please attend a briefing at 8:45am Thu 20 April 2017 and disregard your published start time. All students not in an official team have been placed in unofficial teams for a mixed Sprint Relay commencing at 9:00am.


Oceania Championships 2017 will include the following age categories;
Men and Women: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+, 85+. See table below for which age categories will have E, AS or B options.

The age category you will compete in for Orienteering will be determined as at 31 December 2017. For example, if you are 39 during Oceania Championships time but have turned 40 by 31 December 2017, you would compete in the 40+ age category.

If parents wish to shadow their child around their course, the child must enter the “Open Very Easy” class, not M/W10. Both classes compete on the same course, with a level of difficulty of “White” according to ONZ Rules, but to be eligible for Oceania titles the child must complete the course unaided. It is not allowed to shadow a child in the M/W10 class.

Any person shadowing a child must complete their own course first. Open Very Easy competitors will be allocated start times but may punch start instead if their shadower does not make it back in time.


Each event venue will be set up to feel like a carnival atmosphere. Bring a picnic blanket, club tents, club flags and enthusiasm and settle in for a great day.

There will also be a modern results display, commentary, medics and more on site.


The SPORTident (SI) punching system will be used in all races and model events.

Each competitor needs an SI-Card. SI-cards may be hired from the organiser by selecting this option when registering.

Contactless punching won’t be enabled on any controls. You may use an SI-Air card, but it must inserted into each control to record a punch; the touch-free functionality will not be in operation.


Click on the image link to go to the interactive embargoed areas map.

Oceania Events Locations Map


Entries can be made online through the EnterO system.

There are early-bird prices available until the end of September 2016. (Click here for full entry prices and cut-off dates)

Information required to complete entry process: year of birth, sport ident number, IOF EventOr ID if entering elite grades.


The Sprint, Middle and Long events of the 2017 Oceania Championships will all be World Ranking Events.

As such, regulations such as drug testing will be adhered to. More details on this to come.


Sprint – Friday 14th April Carrington Campus

No event specific transport will be provided by the organisers for the Oceania Sprint. There will be limited parking available within the grounds of Carrington Campus and the only permitted access points to this parking will be published in Bulletin 2, Mid March.

For this event, the Organisers recommend the use of public transport and walking. Details of the best bus and train routes to use to access the Sprint events will be detailed in Bulletin 2, due for publication in March 2017.

Long, Relay & Middle Events –Athletes, Supporters and Spectators

**Note – Public transport is NOT available to access the Woodhill Forest Long & Relay Venues or to access the Onewhero Middle venue**

Parking access vouchers must be pre-purchased for all vehicles. Vouchers are issued on a per-vehicle basis with no restriction on the number of people in each vehicle. Vouchers must be pre-purchased by 31st March 2017

Parking vouchers are;

  • $NZ7 per event for cars, 4WDs and Campervans.
  • $NZ35 per event for Tour buses seating 30 to 35 passengers
  • $NZ60 per event for Tour buses seating 50 to 60 passengers

Online purchase of Parking passes is no longer available.  If you still need to purchase a parking pass can do so at Registration/information at all Oceania and WMG events.

Parking Vouchers are NOT required for the Middle Earth events.
If you are intending to bring children under 5years old into the forest and will be making use of the shared crèche facilities, please indicate this in enterO and you will be issued a parking voucher that provides access to parking close to the crèche facilities.

Parking vouchers will be available for collection at;

  1. The Registration Tent at the Oceania Sprint

Parking Vouchers will need to be shown to Marshal at the venue gate to gain entry into the venue.


Why parking vouchers?

Forest and farm access and parking for cars and buses is charged by the venue owners and the modest fees charged recover this cost on a per vehicle basis.

Why pre-purchase?

Pre-purchase of parking vouchers will speed up access and parking versus on the day cash transactions. Pre-purchase lets the organisers know how many vehicles will need to be ‘parked’ each day and will allow this to be managed to give athletes the shortest possible walk to the Event Arena.

Available to buy on the day?

Yes, at an inflated price to discourage on the day purchase. Sale of on-the-day parking will be via a ‘slow’ lane at the forest gate so expect delays if you plan on buying parking on the day.

Are they transferable?


Maps of the parking areas

Parking area maps will be published on the event website, under sport information, and in Bulletin 2, due for publication during March 2017.

Do older competitors get a closer park?

Yes, this is available. Please talk to the parking marshals who will direct you to the closest parking point still available.

Come & go – multiple entries to forest?

Yes, multiple exits and entries are enabled.

What if I lose my Parking Voucher?

The information tent at all events will be able to issue replacement (white) vouchers.

The gate marshals will allow access to vehicles where a parking voucher has been lost. They will record the name of the person the voucher was issued to and the vehicle registration number before allowing entry.


Visitors from overseas may need a visa to enter New Zealand. The New Zealand Government’s visa information website provides details.

Each athlete participates in the event at their own risk. Travel insurance is recommended.


Full body coverage is recommended at the Relay and Middle competitions.

At the long event, full leg cover is compulsory and full arm cover highly recommended due to cutty grass.

Shoes with rubber studs are allowed in all competitions. Shoes with metal studs are forbidden in the Sprint competition. Spiked shoes are forbidden in all competitions. It is recommended that a whistle is carried in forest races.
There can be many allergens present at the time of year the competition is being held including pollens, wasps and bees. Please be aware of these risks and take necessary precautions.

The Middle Distance is on working farms with usual hazards associated with normal farming practice. Fences may have occasional broken wires and there will be animals present. There are numerous cliffs, pits and dangerous holes, some small but deep.


A dedicated space is available for young children. This creche facility is unmanned and therefore it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure adults are supervising their children at all times. Those with young children may park closer to the Event Arena.


The 2017 Oceania Orienteering Championships is being organised by the three clubs in the Auckland Region – North West Orienteering Club, Auckland Orienteering Club and Counties Manukau Orienteering Club.

The organisation is overseen by a sub-committee of Orienteering New Zealand.

It is with great pleasure that Auckland is able to host orienteers from all over the Oceania Region.