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Provisional results for the School competition:
DescriptionName of the schoolPotential changes?
Top Secondary School Competition (Boys)Mt Albert Grammar School
Top Secondary School Competition (Girls)Baradene College of the Sacred Heart
Premier Trophy (Boys)Mt Albert Grammar School
Premier Trophy (Girls)St Cuthbert’s College
Small Teams Competition (Boys)Onslow CollegeShirley Boys High School
Small Teams Competition (Girls)Diocesan School for Girls
Top Year 7&8 Schools Competition (Boys)Huntley School Marton
Top Year 7&8 Schools Competition (Girls)Baradene College of the Sacred Heart
The calculation spreadsheet can be found here – please feel free to contact us ( if you’ve found a mistake.


  • Blue script is the first competitor from each school so they are eligible for Premier.
  • Beige fill means it is the 4th, 5th, 6th: competitor from that school, so they don’t count for points, as only the first three count.
  • There are three columns on each page: the first is a copy of the results, the second is my working column and the third is used to create the table to its right.
  • The table at the top right of each page is the final results table, with placings out to the right again.