Relay Results

We apologise for the delay in publishing the relay results which can be found here. All individual results can be found on winsplits.

Change to Day 2 Start Times

Because of the bad weather forecast for Saturday, we are going to compress the start times. If you are on course 1, we are making your start time 1 hour earlier. So if your start time in the start list is 12:15, you will now be running at 11:15.Note this only applies to Course 1 … Read more

Public races – for Family, Coaches, Managers

We have had near zero entries to the public races, which leaves us in a bit of trouble with how many maps to print as I’m sure lots of you are keen to have a run. We are going for 40, so first come first served. Don’t forget your cash. On offer will be SPRINTC2           … Read more

Westerlee Map

Here is the Westerlee Map. This is the map on which the relay course is to be run and due to the age of the map it is required to be published prior to the event.

Event Bulletin 1

Event Bulletin 1 is available under the event information section of this page. This Bulletin is a must-read for all competitors, team managers and coaches!