Getting There

Event centre locations

Map show event areas at Levin, Waitarere Beach and Scotts Ferry


The closest regional airport is Palmerston North (1 hour from event centres, by car) and the closest hub is Wellington (2-3 hours from event centres, by car). If you are considering flying in to Wellington or crossing from the South Island before driving north, be aware that Labour Weekend traffic can be heavy. Expect severe congestion at any time of the day, especially in the afternoon. If you’re flying from elsewhere in the country, it may be more efficient to fly to Palmerston North as congestion from there to the event sites is much less likely to be a problem.

Many participants will either be travelling through or beginning their journeys in Wellington. Allow 3 hours from Wellington to Parewanui, Santoft Forest.

Road trip resources

The NZ journey planner is a useful resource when planning your trip, as is the real-time traffic information on Google Maps. And if you can car-pool with other orienteers and reduce the number of cars on the road, so much the better!