Start lists and programme now available

We’re thrilled that so many people have shown such strong support for the Nationals in what has been an eventful and difficult year. We’re looking forward to hosting more than four hundred orienteers in the forests for the Long Distance and Middle Distance events, and nearly that many for the Sprint Distance on Monday. 

The start lists and programme are now available. Please take the time to read them carefully so you can arrive prepared for a great weekend of orienteering.

If you have any questions, please contact the Orienteering Wellington secretary at Otherwise, safe travels and we’ll see you at the weekend!

Pictures from the forest, and a friendly embargo reminder

The controlling team were in the forest last weekend checking courses and found time to take a few picture for us to share. These are from the middle- and long-distance areas near Waitarere Beach and Scotts Ferry.

Our National Controller also reminds you to check the embargoed areas before venturing out into the forests around Waitarere or elsewhere in the Manawatū.

SI Air+ information

We’ve added some details about SportIdent Air+ contactless punching and how it will be used at the Nationals. Hopefully this helps answer some of your questions!

SportIdent Active Card

The basics:

  • SI Air+ is enabled for all events except the sprint, where it is only enabled for the elite M/W21E and M/W20 classes.
  • If you don’t have a SportIdent Active Card (SIAC) and enter the M/W21E or M/W20 sprint class, we will loan you one at no cost.
  • This is to ensure fairness, so all orienteers in your sprint class will be punching the same way as you.
  • You can enter the Nationals with a SIAC or a normal SI card, just enter your SI number on the entries page as usual.
  • If you don’t have an SI card, you can arrange to hire one during the entry process.