Event Information – 2019

The 2019 NZ MTBO Championships will be based in Rotorua and Tokoroa, and hosted by Orienteering Bay of Plenty (OBOP) on 9 – 10 November. With three high quality events over 2 days, and a social event on the Saturday evening, this will be a fantastic weekend of competition, challenge, and fun for Mountain Bikers, Orienteers, and Adventure Racers of all abilities.

We expect competitive fields that will suit experienced and competitive athletes, however there will also be recreational courses for people newer to the sport, or who don’t wish to compete at full pace. This year we will be including classes for E-Bikes, and for juniors below 10 in the recreational courses. Rotorua is the mecca for mountain biking in NZ, so expect fantastic riding on outstanding trails!

The information on the website gives preliminary information useful to know ahead of the NZ Champs happening. More detailed information will be provided in a bulletin (which can be downloaded and printed) at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

​Check in to this website to stay up to date with other information, including entries opening (early Sept), entry lists going up, and any changes to plans that may happen prior to or during the event.


The NZ MTBO Champs includes 3 events:

  • Sprint distance – a fast, short event with about a 22 min winning time
  • Middle distance – a medium distance event with about a 45-60 min winning time
  • Long distance – a longer distance event with about a 70-110 min winning time

There are men (M) and womens’ (W) grades, and specific distance/winning times varies across grades (see table).

Grades Distance and Winning Times

The NZ Championships is contested in the Open and Age grades. Recreational classes are not championship events, and are open to anyone of any age, who may wish to participate in a less competitive environment. Recreational grades are also open to E-Bikes, as well as families, or people who may wish to ride with someone else in a pair or team. E-Bikes are not eligible for Championship grades.

​To calculate your age grade, you base it on your age as at 31 December 2019.

Junior grades are age 20 and below, and riders in those grades must ride their age grade or higher – eg a 15 year old would be eligible for M/W16, but could ride M/W20 or even Open if they wish (but not any of the older grades above Open). Senior grades are age 21 and above, and riders in those grades must ride their age grade or lower – eg a 65 year old is eligible for M/W60, but could ride M/W50, 40, or Open (but not below 21).


  • ​​Event Organiser – Erin Swanson
  • Sprint Setter/Controller – Rob Garden & Marquita Gelderman
  • Middle Setter/Controller – Peter Swanson & Simon Addison
  • Long Setter/Controller – Anne Mortimer & Phil White



The following quarantine conditions apply to venues being used for the NZ Champs:

  • Tui Ridge (Sprint Champs) – no person may access the Tui Ridge area prior to the event
  • Cougar Park (Long Distance Champs) – no person may access the Cougar Park bike park with a map, or with the express purpose of learning the terrain for navigation purposes.


Rotorua has a huge range of accommodation which can be found online and here: https://www.rotoruanz.com/visit/stay