Event Information

KBGB2024 – Middle Distance

Saturday 1 June 2024 – Canaan Downs South, Takaka Hill

  • Registration open: 11.30 AM
  • Start times: First start from 1 PM
  • Course closure: tbc
  • Map: Canaan Downs South
  • Mapper: Michael Croxford (2022, minor updates 2023, 2024)
  • Planner: Amelia Horne
  • Controller: Calum Coombs

KBGB2024 – Long Distance

Sunday 2 June 2024 – Kaihoka Lakes

  • Registration opens: 9 AM
  • Start times: First start from 10 AM
  • Course Closure: tbc
  • Map: Kaihoka Lakes, new map (2024)
  • Mapper: Michael Croxford (Autumn 2024)
  • Planner: Neil Murray
  • Controller: Julian Maclaren 

KBGB2024 – Sprint Distance

Monday 3 June 2024 – Golden Bay High School & Takaka Primary School

  • Registration opens: 8.30 AM
  • Start times: First start from 9 AM (Start window between 9 – 11 AM)
  • Course closure: tbc
  • Map: Takaka Campuses
  • Mappers: Michael Croxford (2024)
  • Planner: Riley Croxford
  • Controller: Richard Greatrex

General event information

Directions and parking

Each event will be signposted with square orange/white orienteering signs and a directional arrow and there are required parking areas. Please read the specific sections per event, especially for the urban Sprint event.

Event Centre

Each race will have an event centre or arena, which will incorporate Registration, Finish, Download and the unofficial O-Lynx results display. Registration is where competitors pick up their pre-hired SIAC. A copy of the start list and Bulletin 2 is available at Registration, and it is also the place for any Lost & Found property.

There will be no tent space available for competitors, so participants are encouraged to bring their own tents.

Mobile phone coverage is guaranteed during the Sprint, but spotty to non-existent available at the Middle and the Long.


Full body cover is recommended for the non-urban events, to protect arms and legs from vegetation.


Open fires or smoking (including vaping) is prohibited during all three events.


Dogs are not allowed at any of the event sites during the King’s Birthday Weekend Orienteering Champs.


KBGB2024 aims to be eco-friendly, and to leave each site at least as clean as you found it, tidier no problem. This event will operate under a ‘Pack-in, Pack-out’ policy, so if you carry it into the venue, please carry it out again.

Medical emergency & First aid

An external medical service provider will be available during the Middle and Long events. In addition, we ask that you bring your own first aid kit and tend to minor injuries such as cuts and grazes yourself. A first aid kit is also available at Registration.

In a medical situation where you need professional help while in Golden Bay

  • For a life threatening medical emergency in Golden Bay dial 111. A PRIME response will be issues via St John’s to the triage doctor and local ambulance crew.
  • If the medical emergency is urgent but not life threatening call Golden Bay Community Health Centre (10 Takaka Road, Takaka) on (03) 525 0060 at any time and listen to the recorded instructions.

The closest emergency department as part of a hospital is in Nelson: Nelson Hospital Emergency Department on 98 Waimea Road, Nelson. Phone number: (03) 5468881

For urgent medical attention, but not an emergency: go to the ‘Medical & Injury Centre, 98 Waimea Road, Nelson, next to Nelson Hospital Emergency Department, Nelson. Phone number: (03) 546 1800.

Nelson hospital is at least a 70 minute drive from the Middle (Canaan Downs) or a 150 minute drive from the Long (Kaihoka Lakes).


It is strongly encouraged to carry a whistle for both non-urban events. The recognised distress signal is a series of six short blasts on a whistle. Pause and listen for reply and repeat to allow them to locate you. Please only use your whistle in an emergency. Competitors are expected to render assistance to anyone who is injured and requires help. Please make event officials aware of the issue, so they can organise the appropriate response, including adjusting your overall time.

Orienteering Vendors

MAPsport Shop (www.mapsport.co.nz) will be attending all three events. MAPsport supports charities working in Ukraine with every thumb compass sold.

TrailBlaze (trailblazenz.com) will be selling all your orienteering necessities as well as some nutrition supplements from brands PURE and GU Energy. Please feel free to come over and have a chat. If you know you are in need of an item, head to our website, order it, select ‘pick up’ as your shipping method and we will have it ready for you at the event. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!”

In addition, Callum Wishart has created T-shirts specifically to remember King’s Birthday 2024: the shirts are priced at $35, with $7.50 per shirt to be donated to the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust. The clothing can be found on the TrailBlaze website (https://trailblazenz.com/products/kings-birthday-2024-event-shirt).


The weather at this time of the year can vary, with temperatures between 2 and 13 degrees Celsius. New Zealand weather is quite variable and prone to rapid changes, especially in the mountainous areas. Please be prepared with warm clothing.


Competitors are responsible for their own safety. Evacuation could be required in a number of scenarios, including fire, strong wind, a tsunami or an earthquake. Make sure you are safe, which could include abandoning your course. Help any other competitors to evacuate if that is safe.

The evacuation direction is indicated per event.

If safe, evacuate to the Event centre, inform organisers, and download your SPORTident. If you evacuate to somewhere else for safety reasons, contact organisers. Call 111 if there is a fire or you require emergency assistance.

Photos and video

During the event, photos and videos may be taken and published on the Nelson Orienteering Club Facebook page and this event website. We encourage anybody who would like to share their photos for publishing on the Nelson Orienteering Club Facebook page, to please contact the organisers via email.

Competition information

Fair play

All competitors shall behave with fairness and honesty, and must abide by the IOF fair play rules. A competitor who breaks any rule, or benefits from the breaking of any rule, may be disqualified.


Competition maps are digitally printed on synthetic waterproof paper. The maps are produced using the current International Specification for Orienteering Maps (ISOM).

Control descriptions

For all classes, descriptions will be printed on the front of the map and be available loose at the start. For A-classes, only IOF symbol descriptions will be used. For those on orange difficulty courses, both IOF symbols and English written descriptions will be available. For classes on yellow and white courses, only English descriptions are provided.

Map legends

Legends are not printed on the map.


Each control is equipped with:

  • one electronic punching station (SI unit). Some control sites with high traffic (e.g. Finish) may have two SI units;
  • one backup needle punching device, only to be used if SI unit fails;
  • a white / orange control flag.

The control code is located on top of the SI unit, or on the tag on the side. There are many controls in the competition terrain, so it is important to check the control code when you punch.

Radio controls will be used at all three events at the Finish and could also be available on course. This makes no difference for competitors.

Electronic timing

During KBGB2024, the SportIdent (SI) electronic punching system will be used, where the orienteer carries an SI Card (also known as ‘dibber’) on their finger. Each visited station at each control writes the time of the visit to the card. The control times are read out after the finish line to determine total race time, spli times, and whether all controls were visited in the correct order.

In addition, the SI Air+ contactless punching system is enabled, allowing orienteers to take advantage of the SportIdent Active Card or SIAC. Rather than inserting the SI card into the control station, a punch is recorded when the orienteer brings their card within a short distance (roughly 50cm) of the station. The station will beep and flash in the usual way, and the SIAC beeps and flashes to confirm the punch. SI Air+ also allows for run-through finish gates, where instead of stopping to punch a finish control, orienteers can pass through the gate at full speed and still have their finish time recorded.

The event run with SIAC is fully compatible with older SI cards – the same control stations are used and orienteers can insert their card into the stations to punch as usual.

Electronic punching

Please read the following instructions carefully:

  • Both types of cards must be cleared and checked before each race at the stations located in front of the start area – this is the responsibility of each competitor. Use the ‘clear’ box first, to remove data from your chip, and then punch the ‘check’ box. The check box also turns on SIAC.
  • At each control, either insert your SI-card into the control unit until the unit beeps and flashes, or pass your SIAC close to the control box and check that the SIAC beeps and flashes.
  • If you punch an incorrect control, ignore it and continue to the correct control; the extra punch will be disregarded by the results software.
  • If the SIAC stops working in Air mode (no beep or flash), it can still be used like a regular SI card and inserted to punch each station.
  • If an SI unit does not function (there is no beep and no flash) then use the pin punch attached to the control stand and punch on your map in one of the spaces provided. If you have pin punched any controls on your map you must hand the map in at the Download before leaving the Finish area and explain what you have done.
  • A competitor with a control punch missing or unidentifiable will not receive a result, unless it can be established that the punch missing or unidentifiable is not the competitor’s fault. If a competitor punches too fast and fails to receive the feedback signals, the card will not contain the punch and the competitor will not receive an overall time, even though the control unit may have recorded the competitor’s card number as an error punch. Note: SIAC does not record a punch in the control unit.
  • If you have hired a SIAC for your races, please return it to Registration after your final download. Lost or broken SIACs will incur a charge to cover the cost of a replacement.


The start procedure will be the same for every event. Each competitor is responsible for following the marked route to the start area. The competition area is out of bounds until your start time.

The pre-start area has clear, check and SIAC battery check boxes in it. In the Start area, competitors will pass through three consecutive starting pens, and remain one minute in each one.

Each competitor is responsible for following the correct marked route to their Start area. The competition area is out of bounds until your start time. It is the competitor’s responsibility to be there on time. Report to the start when the clock shows your start time: the clock is set to three minutes before race time.

Start timeDescription
-3 minutesVolunteer officials will check your SI card, name and start time are correct. Each competitor punches the safety
check box presented.
-2 minutesControl description sheets are available for runners to pick up (optional). The control descriptions are also printed on the map.
-1 minuteCompetitors wait beside the map box for their course. The five-second start-countdown will be indicated by a series of beeps. On the first (short) beep, competitors should pick up their maps and check it is for their course.
Each competitor is responsible for taking the correct map.
On the long (final) beep, competitors start their run, following the marked route to the start triangle
which is indicated by a control with a flag (but without an SI punching unit) in the terrain and a
triangle on the competition map. All competitors must pass within 2 metres of the start triangle.

Late Start

Competitors who arrive at the start late must report to the late start lane where an official will accompany him/her and the competitor will start the race when told to do so, using a punch-start. The results of competitors who start late due to their own fault will be based on their original start time, without time compensation. Competitors who are late for their start time through no fault of their own will be timed from their new start time, determined by the event controller.

Event volunteers who are unable to make their allocated start time can identify themselves when arriving at the start. This competitor starts their race when told to do so by punching a start box, overwriting the previously allocated start time.


Shadowing by parents is not permitted in any championship classes, including M/W10A. If parents wish to shadow or directly assist their younger children, the children must have been entered in the non-competitive M/W10N (Novice) class. Although there are allocated times for MW10N, competitors can start whenever their shadow is ready. Caregivers shadowing MW10N must either be not competing or have already run their course. These young participants start their race when told to do so by punching a start box, overwriting the previously allocated start time.


The Finish is in the Event Centre for all three events. All competitors, including those competitors who do not complete the whole course, are required to pass and punch one of the Finish control boxes at the Finish or, when using SIAC, pass your SIAC over one with the card automatically turned off by the Finish control. Each competitor must download their SI-card at one of the manned download stations. This is also where potential downloading problems will be handled.

Competitors who do not download will be considered as missing, resulting in a search for this competitor. If you decide not to finish your race, please come back to the download area, so we know you are back safe and sound.


Provisional live results will be displayed on the O-Lynx results display at the Arena. Official results will be available on the results page of the event website. Results on winsplits will be posted as soon as possible after each event.
Route Gadget and maps for each event will be published as soon as possible afterwards.

Results queries

If there is anything a competitor wishes to clarify about the download, or if a control failed to beep and flash, was missing, or any other problem occurred on the course, please proceed to the download station. Officials there, in consultation with the Controller, will assist to resolve the issue as soon as is practical. There is no punch enquiry fee.

Complaints and protests

Complaints and protests will be handled in accordance with the ONZ rules. Before a protest is made, you are entitled to complain to the controller about an infringement of the rules or organiser’s directions.

A complaint is made in writing on a form available from Registration, and handed to the controller as soon as possible, but within 60 minutes of the affected competitor finishing. A complaint is adjudicated by the controller. The controller’s decision on a complaint shall be advised to the complainant, and displayed on the results board as soon as possible, within no more than 60 minutes of the complaint having been received. If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision, a protest may be made against the controller’s decision.

Jury members

The ONZ technical Committee will appoint a jury of three ONZ A-grade controllers in advance of the event in accordance with the ONZ Rule 29.4. Names of the jury members will be made available once received by the event organisation.

Saturday 1/6/2024 – MiddleSunday 2/6/2024 – LongMonday 3/6/2024 – Sprint
ChairMarquita Gelderman (NW)Guy Cory-Wright (AK)Alister Metherell (PP)
MembersJeff Greenwood (AK)Tane Cambridge (PP)Martin Crosby (AK)
Jenni Adams (PP)Geoff Mead (NW)Alistair Cory-Wright (PP)
ReserveDick Dinsdale (WN)Graham Teahan (RK)Michael Wood (HV)
Bruce Steven (PP)Rob Garden (NW)Alistair Stewart (AK)