Embargoed areas

Detailed information on each embargoed area can be downloaded here or found on the ONZ website.

The following three areas are embargoed:

  • Middle: no access is allowed to Canaan Downs South, as used at NZOC2022, as well as the Canaan Collective’s land until the competition day. Excluded in this embargo is the access road (Canaan Road) as well as Canaan Downs North, as also used at NZOC2022.
  • Long: no access is allowed to the wider Kaihoka Lakes area, as indicated on the embargo notice (see below). Most of the event will take place on private property and can only be accesed on the competition day.
  • Sprint: access to Takaka Primary School and Golden Bay High School, bounded by Waitapu Road (to the south-west) and Rototai Road, Wadsworth Street and Boundary Road (to the east) is allowed for participants working and /or studying there. However, the use of maps, and route choice testing until the event is not allowed.

Anyone found breaking the embargoes published below or intentionally trying to gain an unfair advantage will be disqualified from competing and/or coaching at the King’s Birthday Golden Bay Orienteering Champs 2024 (KBGB2024).

Previous maps

Please find below a colour copy of the most recent version of a previous orienteering map of Canaan downs South used during KBGB2024 by clicking on the map fragment or the text below.

Middle – Canaan Downs SouthLong – Kaihoka LakesSprint – Takaka Schools
Kaihoka Lakes

There are no previous orienteering maps of Kaihoka Lakes and the Takaka school campuses available. For a quick impression of the terrain at Kaihoka Lakes, a topo map is posted.